A Way Out: Play With Friend Online Requirement, Only Buy One Copy, says Josef Fares


A Way Out, the upcoming action-adventure game from Hazelight and published by Electronic Arts made its presence felt in a big way at The Game Awards 2017. Before the release of the new trailer of A Way Out at TGA 2017, Hazelight Founder Josef Fares appeared on stage to have a few words with Geoff Keighley on how Electronic Arts is handling this game. Josef Fares was well aware of the fact that these questions are going to come his way because of the recent EA vs Star Wars Battlefront II Microtransactions Controversy. To our surprise – Josef handled the situation exceptionally and with a lot of humor. If you missed out on the conversation, watch it below.

A Way Out Online Co-op Requirement

In this post, I am going to talk about an interesting offer that Hazelight has just revealed for A Way Out. As we all know, there is no single-player mode in A Way Out, you will be able to play it either online or local split-screen co-op. There was no clarification from Hazelight and EA regarding whether both players will have to own a copy of A Way Out.

We finally received an update from Josef Fares on this via Twitter, and this is what he has to say – “If you wanna play #AWayOut with your friend online, you only buy one copy.”

In short, to play online co-op in A Way Out, only one person needs to own the game. An amazing news for the video gaming community and for those who love to play online co-op with their friends.

I am really surprised at this move – how on earth Electronic Arts as a publisher of this game has allowed this? We know the track-record of Electronic Arts very well. Have they learned their lesson? Share your views with us in the comment section below.