All Animal Crossing Pocket Camp players are getting 20 free Leaf Tickets


Animal Crossing Pocket Camp players will be getting 20 free Leaf Tickets, which are one of the game’s in-game currency, after a successful social media campaign.

Leaf Tickets are a currency introduced in Pocket Camp that can be obtained with real world money or by completing Timed Goals or Stretch Goals. Players can use these Tickets in order to expand inventory, get special items, or unlock special characters in the game, such as K.K. Slider and Tom Nook.

On Dec. 8, Nintendo tasked the community with getting one of its tweets to 100,000 retweets in four days in order to unlock 20 Leaf Tickets for everyone playing the game on mobile.

Nintendo has not yet announced when players will receive their prizes, but the community is patiently waiting for its reward.