Activision: Call of Duty 2017 To Go Back To Its Roots, Gameplay And Setting Both?


People have been asking for a while now Call of Duty publisher Activision to make it return to its roots, after a series of futuristic and not so inspired titles (Advanced Warfare and Infinite Warfare were not so well received as, say, Black Ops III). So, the publisher is giving them what they want, and that doesn’t come unexpected after Battlefield 1 was so celebrated last year.

Call of Duty 2017 Going Back To Its Root

In its financial report, Activision pointed it out pretty clearly that “2017 title will take Call of Duty back to its roots”, although Call of Duty is said to be “the most successful video game franchise of the 20 years” and after Infinity Ward’s Infinite Warfare released the series as a whole had the highest annual MAU ever.

Talking to investors, the publisher was even more specific, detailing that ”traditional combat” is set to return to the franchise after so many years from the last World War II Call of Duty game and that it was about ”giving players what they want” now, so they really couldn’t ignore that kind of request. Sounds great. Good luck, Sledgehammer Games.

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