Activision sued by Infinity Ward Employees for $500 Million

Activision is having some tough time, as almost a total of 38 Infinity employees(current/former) has file a suit against them for breaching of contract. According to the suit file againgst Activision, Publisher of successful game title like Mordern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty series (this game is produce by Infinity), had breach the contract by refusing to pay royalties which the developer owed. Further suit allege that the payment was not made deliberately and intentionally so that the staff who are developing the Mordern Warfare 3 be on their hand.

The suit is not only seeking compensation for Mordern Warfare 2 but also for the yet to be release Mordern Warfare 3(Under Development Currently), Look at the list that the employees want to have as a compensation:

  • Half Billion Dollar form the unpaid bonus to them
  • Profit Sharing they get this include future profit Activision gain from Mordern Warefare 3
  • Royalties and Damages

Well how far this war will go is yet to be seen. Hope this suit war doesn’t effect the release and development of Mordern Warfare 3.