Activision to delay over Move and Kinect

Microsoft Kinect and Playstation Move was announced at E3 at many Publisher also announce game for both of them but Activision is not developing any game title for either of them.

COO Thomas Tippl of Activision was rather praising Nintendo 3DS rather than Kinect and Move. He told to gamespot that he is “particularly impressed” by the 3DS, it’s going to be a big success and draw publisher interest to put more resources against publishing a game in this platform”.

“It got a great reception. It’s a brilliant product. Nintendo’s figured out the glasses – or the lack thereof – are key. In addition, he further went on to say that Activision will be unlikely be developing game title compatible to Kinect and Move for time being but they may change their stance.

“Down the road, as we see an install base emerging on these new innovations and user interfaces from Sony and Xbox, we will have certain games for which they will be suitable and open up new ways to innovate and enhance the user experience.

“You can see games like Tony Hawk would be obvious.”