Alan Wake Free DLC Coming

The DLC to Alan Wake will be free for all its gamers, this news is given by Remedy Interactive Matias Myllyrinne. But The first DLC to Alan Wake will be free for only to those gamer who are the first time buyers, the developer of the game gave this information on their twitter account but there is one thing which is confusing how they are gonig to figure it out who are the first time buyer are, Well they must be havig some system in place for this which might be similar to the EA which they use with their game title like Mass Effect 2 and Bad Company 2.

Whatever system they use to figure out the first time buyer the important thing to look into this is that the Alan Wake DLC is free. Alan Wake is slated to be release for Xbox 360 on 18th May 2010 and the DLC will also be release on the same day as well.