Alan Wake’s Return Trademark Registered By Remedy, Is It For New Alan Wake Game for XB1?

It seems like Remedy Entertainment has already started the development work on the next installment in Alan Wake franchise. The studio recently registered a new trademark related to Alan Wake franchise, it is called as “Alan Wake’s Return”. Also, it is worth noting that this Alan Wake’s Return trademark was registered via FastTrack, a possibly hint that the announcement is just few months away as someone at the top officials at Remedy were in a hurry.

Alan Wake's Return

Furthermore, the domain name “” was registered last year via the same proxy as other Remedy Entertainment domains, however, you will not see Remedy itself in the whois record for this new domain. Is this domain and trademark registration is about a new game or something else? Only Remedy knows best. If you think about it the other way then there is also a possibility that this trademark application could have something to do with the Quantum Break’s Alan Wake things that Sam Lake teased in December 2015 via Twitter.

Earlier this month Remedy Entertainment officially announced that the development work on Quantum Break has been completed and the game has achieved GOLD status.

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