Albert Penello responds to Forza 5 Tokyo Game Show 2013 Preview

Forza 5

At Tokyo Game Show 2013, Microsoft for the very first time showed Xbox One exclusive racer Forza 5 to Japanese media, gamers in Japan waited patiently to read previews expecting high praise (all because Forza 5 build that was showcased at GamesCom and other previous event looked stunning).

Forza 5The first Japanese preview of Forza 5 is out via respected Japanese website “Game Watch”, and things written in it is completed different from what all things we expected.

The writer, Seiji Nakamura, laments a severe visual downgrade from what he experienced at E3 2013 build of Forza 5. You can read the full preview HERE.

As a damage control, Microsoft’s Albert Panello responds to TGS 2013 Forza 5 preview via NeoGaf, he said:

“The build at TGS was the same build from Gamescom and PAX. Exactly the same”

“Final game looks even better. But everyone is trying to ship, which is why most everything I saw at TGS was the same builds used at other shows.”

Forza 5 is one of the major Xbox One exclusive launch title and is expected to look and play better than other games (also considering the fact that Japan is a strong foothold of Sony it has to perform well in this region to improves Microsoft position against its rival).

Xbox One and Forza 5 will arrive in Japan in 2014, we can just hope to see improvements and hope for the best.