Alientrap Announce Open World FPS Game “Gunhead”


Alientrap, the developers behind the 2D looter-shmup Cryptark, have announced a follow up to the game. Change is afoot however, as they have decided the sequel shall be an open world FPS game called Gunhead.

The game promises fast paced FPS action that requires the player to board and neutralize procedurally generated alien spacecraft. You will be armed with a jetpack, a mech, and four different weapons. I assume one of them will be on your head, or else I will just feel lied to. It also rocks a nice cell-shaded aesthetic, which I quite like.

I really enjoyed Cryptark, finding it to be an excellent core idea that was nicely developed. I also found the game suitably challenging, which I liked. I wasn’t alone either, as the game achieved a “Very Positive” rating for itself on Steam. It possibly would have been very understandable for Alientrap to roll out a more traditional sequel to Cryptark, and I am a glad to see the devs pushing their ideas into new areas.

Gunhead is currently penciled in for a 2018 release, and even though I wasn’t expecting it I do find myself interested to see what Alientrap do with the game.