All PS4 Games Played On PS VITA Via Remote Play Runs At 30 FPS Confirms Resogun Dev


Remote Play is one of the most talked about feature between Playstation 4 and PS VITA, everything about it looks and play amazing, however some startling details about this feature has arrived via RESOGUN developer Housemarque.

For all PS4 games, remote play feature is capped at 30 FPS i.e all PS4 games played on PS VITA via Remote Play runs at 30 Frame Per Second.

Housemarque first shared a image showing one of their representative playing RESOUN on PS VITA via Remote Play.

Immediately after this tweet a fan asked, “Is it 60fps on VIta over Remote Play or 30fps?”

To this reply came as follow:

It’s important to NOTE that Housemarque stated “Current Cap”, it a clear hint that this will going to improve in future.