All Wolfenstein: The New Order Voice Commands on Xbox One Revealed


Bethesda’s recently released first person shooter, Wolfenstein: The New Order has a vioce commands option on Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Thanks to Reddit user CaCHooKaMan, we have details regarding what those commands are on Xbox One.

Wolfenstein: The New Order

The best of the all voice commands are the weapon ones because the weapon wheel doesn’t pause the game.

Everyone questioned inclusion of mandatory Kinect with Xbox One, well here is the answer, these voice command show potential of Kinect. Its great experience switching weapons with voice then pulling up a radial menu.

You can check out three screenshots showing Wolfenstein: The New Order Voice commands below.

Wolfenstein: The New Order Voice Command Screen 1

Wolfenstein: The New Order Voice Command Screen 2

Wolfenstein: The New Order Voice Command Screen 3

Taking place in 1960, Wolfenstein: The New Order depicts an alternate timeline — one in which the Nazis won World War II and took over the world… and only B.J. Blazkowicz can stand up to them. Learn more in our new E3 trailer featuring new gameplay footage.

Wolfenstein: The New Order is a fictional story set in an alternate universe in the 1960’s. Names, characters, organizations, locations and events are either imaginary or depicted in a fictionalized manner.

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