Alpha Protocol PC DRM Details by SEGA

SEGA has provided information relating to the protection system that they have added to the upcoming PC version Alpha Protocol. As commented The system has been chosen Uniloc: SoftAnchor, replacing Steamworks Valve System, which had been used SEGA in one of its latest PC games.

This system will require to activate the game via the Internet (of course, no permanent connection to the Internet), which may be activated at a specified number of PCs (five), but we can “disable” at any time in case we need reinstalling, change or our PC machines suffer some kind of unexpected. Perhaps most interesting is that SEGA is committed to launch within the next two years, a patch that removes this protection system, So that in future we will not have to worry about if you decide to activate the game install. Remember Alpha Protocol will be release on 28th May.

Here’s the official statement on what to expect:

The system chosen for Alpha Protocol is Uniloc: SoftAnchor. The system will allow the user to activate Alpha Protocol online immediately out of the box and once activated the user never needs to worry about activating again. The activation can be used on a limited amount of PCs, and can be deactivated through our online servers allowing the user full control over their license – should they need to re-install, swap machines or suffer a catastrophic hardware failure on their normal PC.

In the future, SEGA will be releasing an unprotected patch of the game to alleviate any fears of not being able to play the game when the Uniloc servers won’t be around anymore.

We also do not use Steamworks – the Steam released version will use Uniloc DRM.