Amazing features for Playstation 4 hinted in recent survey, “Name Changing, Cross Platform Chat, Reputation and more”

A recent survey conducted by Sony with Playstation community hints a some of the much requested features such as “Reputation system, Name Changing, cross platform chat facility and more” for Playstation 4.

Playstation 4The survey asked Playstation users a series of questions regarding how appealing certain features would be if Sony adds them to Playstation 4 via future firmware update. One of the feature listed was ability to change PSN name, if you can re-collect this is one of the most requested feature by Playstation community, since the launch of PS3 way back in 2006.

Other features hinted for Playstation 4 are reputation system, chat facility across different platforms such as PS3, PS VITA and PS4.

You can read below questions from the survey below. Do provide us answers to them in the comment section below. Let see whether demands for these amazing and long-pending features still exist in Playstation Community.

PS4 Survey Requesting Much Needed Features