Amazing Looking Naughty Dog’s Undeveloped PS4 Sci-fi Game Character And Environment Artwork Released


How will you react if I tell you that one of the best video game developer, Naughty Dog is working on new sci-fi IP for PlayStation 4? Yes, it is indeed true, and Naughty Dog has finally shared some official character artwork.

Naughty Dog's Undeveloped PS4 Sci-fi IP

About this “Undeveloped” Sci-fi IP, Naughty Dog said: “We explored the idea of doing a science fiction game following the Jak and Daxter franchise, complete with androids, robots, and futuristic weapons. The sci-fi game was going to be centered around a city that had been built up around a giant hole in the ground. No one knew exactly what created the hole, but the adventure would have the player exploring the depths.”

It will be interesting to see how Naughty Dog take this sci-fi PS4 project ahead. Tell us in the comment section below, whether you guys find this undeveloped game from Naughty Dog compelling?

Naughty Dog's Undevelope PS4 Sci-fi IP Image 1 Naughty Dog's Undevelop Sci-Fi IP Artwork 2 Naughty Dog Undevelop Sci-fi PS4 IP Artwork 3 Naughty Dog Undevelop PS4 IP Artwork 4 Naughty Dog Undeveloped Sci-fi IP Image 5 Naughty Dog Undevelop Sci-fi IP Artwork 6 Naughty Dog Undevelop Sci-fi IP Artwork 7 Naughty Dog's Undeveloped Sci-fi PS4 IP Artwork 9 Naughty Dog's Undevelope Sci-fi IP Artwork 10