Amazing Playstation 4 Hands-on Set At Sony Store: PS4 Plus 110 Inch 4K TV


Take a look at the set-up of Playstation 4 hands-on at Sony Store for fans to try out their hands on this amazing next-gen console. The complete set-up features PS4 plus 110 4K TV.

PS4The image was shared by reddit user “Slyx”, about his experience with this Playstation hands-on Slyx said: “The controller is awesome. It’s without a doubt better than the Xbox 360 controller (I’ve always preferred the 360 controller over DS3). I absolutely loved the feel of the triggers, I think they will make FPS games great on this console!

Of course this was just a trailer, only a few games were actually available to play. I played Knack, it’s pretty much just a hit square to attack them type of game, obviously, but it seemed pretty fun. Put my hand on the console and it seemed pretty cool to the touch, although it’s not like it was running games constantly. Pumped!”

PS4 Hands-On Setup