Amazon Game Studios’ multiplayer brawler Breakaway is on ‘indefinite hiatus’


Amazon Game Studios’ upcoming title Breakaway has reportedly been canceled, though it could be returning at a later date in some form or fashion. 

Kotaku reports, via sources close to the game, that the game has been put on “indefinite hiatus,” with no current planned layoffs for Amazon’s gaming team just yet. It doesn’t bode well, however, for future releases coming from the Amazon Game Studios camp. 

Breakaway was announced in September last year, and recently had a public alpha test weekend just this year on Sept. 18. But things quieted down significantly after that, with no updates or additional news about the game to have come from Amazon since then. 

It was pitched as a sports-themed multiplayer team-based affair, with aspects of other popular team-based titles blended in, such as Overwatch or Rocket League. It was also meant to include mechanics aimed toward Twitch streamers, with support for specialized lobbies and play with Twitch viewers as well. 

It’s unclear how Breakaway will resurface in the future, especially since this was the first major release for Amazon Game Studios, which leaves the fate of the studio somewhat in limbo. Hopefully there’s a replacement up Amazon’s sleeve, which will fill the void Breakaway will have left, especially in the department of team-based multiplayer affairs. It’s always disappointing when you can’t really see a studio’s hard work come to fruition, especially when so much of the game was seemingly ready to go.