AMD unveils Ryzen an 8 Core 3.4 GHz the Next-Gen Gaming Processor

AMD Zen was on high speculation in past few months, considered to be an Intel Core i7 killer at affordable price range. Finally it is out and rebranded as Ryzen. The official sale will be later in 2017, in the form of Summit Ridge for Desktops, Naples for Server and Raven Ridge architecture for Notebooks. AMD has high ambitions on this new product line which took pretty long years to reach masses, featuring the SenseMI technology to keep it highly efficient without disturbing the cost. AMD also demonstrated in recent event the performance of this 8 core chip that is capable of competing Intel’s Core i7-6900K on a constricted edge to outshine the clock speed.

AMD Ryzen

Ryzen is based on Summit Ridge with 3.4Ghz factory clock rate, cpu boost speed is undisclosed. Well this was revealed in the event, yet what matters is the actual performance when the chip finally comes to users. We see this as a huge stake of AMD to bring down the competition at some level for those who prefer to go with the best chip, but get restricted by their budget on the gaming platform. No matter how well Ryzen is presented right now, the authentic performance on a user’s desk will decide its future.

Intel on the other side is set to go with its 7th Generation CPU series Kaby Lake Notebook CPU, after Skylake. We can see that Intel still dominating the market on the high end series, having AMD’s new chip will let users to have a wide array of choices on custom builds.