Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp reaches an estimated 25 million downloads


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has been long-awaited for Animal Crossing fans. In total, the Nintendo mobile application has been downloaded an estimated 25 million times.

This data comes from mobile market intelligence firm Apptopia, which has analyzed the data since Pocket Camps’s launch on Nov. 21 on Android and iOS devices. The marketing intelligence firm suggests Nintendo has made $17 million in revenue from Pocket Camp.

But despite the huge numbers, Pocket Camp is unlikely to see the same success of Nintendo’s other mobile applications like Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem: Heroes. A lack of multiplayer is the reason for Apptopia’s disappointing outlook, according to GamesBeat.

“Even though the revenue is not impressive, Animal Crossing had a much stronger launch than Fire Emblem did in terms of downloads,” Apptopia told GamesBeat. “It has a much stronger worldwide brand and player base, whereas Fire Emblem is more popular in Japan.”

Fire Emblem has been available on Android and iOS devices since Feb. 2, and Apptopia believes the game will reach 9.5 million downloads and $110 million in revenue in its first year. Pokémon GO, which is only partly owned by Nintendo, has seen 750 million downloads and over $1.2 billion in revenue, according to Apptopia.

Because of Pocket Camp’s lack of competition, players don’t have the same incentive to use real money to buy in-game currency (Leaf Tickets in Pocket Camp) as with other mobile titles. Sure, this could change as Pocket Camp continues to get updates, but Apptopia is not hopeful for for title.