Nintendo apologizes to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp players for spotty service


If you jumped at the chance to download and play Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp when it released a day early on Nov. 21, you probably didn’t get much playing done. 

The mobile app was plagued with plenty of frustrating errors on its debut, with server issues that have kept some eager camp managers from accessing the game entirely. Nintendo has heard fan complaints and has decided to address them, issuing an apology in-game, as well as a special reward. 

“The issue is still occurring intermittently,” the apology reads. “But please be aware that we are investigating it and will resolve it as soon as possible.”

All players will receive 20 Leaf Tickets, the game’s premium in-game currency, as Nintendo works to make things right. That’s a nice chunk of in-game change if you need to spend it on something nice for yourself. 

At the time of writing, it looks like servers are operational, at the very least, with few hiccups. This may change from player to player, but it looks like smooth sailing for now.