Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is already up for grabs in Australia


Just hours after Nintendo revealed Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp as the next mobile game in its iOS and Android lineup, the game went live on both operating systems for smartphone owners in Australia. 

Right now, anyone with an Australian iTunes account can download the game, and Android users are able to obtain it as well, meaning the just-announced Nintendo mobile title that was previously slated for a late November 2017 release is now going to be spreading throughout the internet like wildfire. 

The Animal Crossing spinoff’s pre-registration began today for Android and iOS users everywhere else, though now it’s up for grabs for anyone who wants to take the time to create an account in the proper region. 

If you need to get things done today and have no time in your schedule for the time sink that Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp looks like it’s going to be, then you may not want to go ahead and pick up the app just yet. You’ll be able to create your own custom camper and take up the role of camp manager in the pint-sized version of the life sim, attracting new animal friends and improving your campground community along the way.

Yes, there will be microtransactions as well, in the form of Leaf Tickets, which can be used to speed up the building process for certain items and “amenities,” like pools and other items of that ilk. While you can purchase real-life Leaf Tickets if you choose, you can also earn them in-game through regular play. 

If Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp follows in the footsteps of both Fire Emblem Heroes and Super Mario Run, Nintendo could be looking at another extremely popular mobile hit on its hands, but hopefully the early access doesn’t run the hype.