Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Datamine Reveals Potentially Upcoming Features


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is well on its way to iOS and Android phones around the world, and the game is already available for Australian fans thanks to an October soft launch in the country. And because Pocket Camp officially went live in Australia last month, the game’s 0.90 APK version was already datamined by the datamining studio Here’s what you need to know from their research.

For one, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp references gardening tools and supplies in high numbers. Early data references suggest each campsite manager will be able to grow plants on their campsite’s Garden, although their plants will require water to grow properly. There’s seeds available for players to pick up, and plants need fertilizer to grow, too.

There’s also different soil states referenced in the game’s programming, from “normal” to “dry” to “withered.” Non-villager animals may hang out in gardens, and it looks like there may be a plant breeding system available where players can mix and match plant genes. But it’s unclear for now how that system will operate.

Alongside the Garden, the datamine suggests seasons are officially part of Pocket Camp, with a winter-themed location available to explore as well. Several facilities have been coded into the game for the player to visit, including a school, shop, hospital, restaurant, office, and hotel. But no models nor assets are currently available in-game to confirm whether these areas will become official locations, or if they’re simply placeholders that may be later removed.

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There is programming in place that suggests weather will feature throughout Pocket Camp, however. This includes conditions for nice days, rainy days, heavy rain, snow, and heavy snow. There’s also weather set for the summer and winter solstice, although it’s unclear how those days will differ from others.

Lastly, there’s multiple costumes programmed into the game as placeholders for players to pick up. There’s no assets available currently, but several names for popular Nintendo mascots feature, including Mario, Link, and Samus Aran. This means players may be able to dress up as popular Nintendo characters while serving as their campsite’s manager, although nothing has been officially confirmed yet by Nintendo.

Remember, while these placeholders and programming references appear throughout Pocket Camp, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the game will support all these features. Some may be removed, and others may be tweaked. For now, we just have signs that certain facilities, locations, and activities are coming to the game. An official announcement has not yet been announced.

But in the meantime, plans to continue datamining Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp over the coming versions ahead, so expect further announcements until the group’s datamining ventures are complete. And for players eagerly awaiting Nintendo’s jump into mobile Animal Crossing, Pocket Edition lands worldwide later this month.

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