Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is available now, one day early


Nintendo announced earlier this week that the mobile iteration of the Animal Crossing franchise, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, would be hitting iOS and Android devices on Nov. 22. It turns out that the game has made an earlier appearance on both the App Store and Google Play Store, as it’s available one day ahead of schedule. You can download the game and play right now. 

There appear to be some server issues at present with the game, making it a bit slow to start up and play. And, as you must be connected to the internet to play, this means you may find some hiccups going forward today as you download and try to hop onto the app to play. At the time of this article, it’s going a little slowly, but it should improve as the day wears on and the servers aren’t so congested. 

The free-to-play game costs nothing to download and play, but there are microtransactions available that you can purchase if you so desire as you set out to make the most awesome camp you possibly can with all your animal friends. The Leaf Tickets will speed certain things up for you in-game if you don’t want to wait, but they’re completely optional as well. 

Plenty of Animal Crossing fans have already been playing the game since it became available during a soft launch period in Australia, so this likely isn’t the first time today’s adopters have seen the game in action. But it’s still an exciting landmark for Nintendo’s third official mobile game release, and more Animal Crossing is always a good thing.