Friend Powder Explained: What it Does | Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp


Friend powder in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is hard to come by, so it’s no wonder you aren’t sure what it is.

There’s a ton of different resources and materials to collect in Pocket Camp, and friend powder is one of the hardest to come by. But when you do get it, Nintendo isn’t stingy with it. You’ll get multiples at a time, not just one packet.

Friend powder can be earned from completing Pocket Camp’s Timed goals and stretch goals. The golden bag tied with a blue string is typically associated with goals for giving friends kudos.

For giving kudos to another player at their campsite, you’ll earn 20 friend powder packs. For giving kudos to a friend, you’ll earn 10. Timed goals change, so you’ll want to check back often to see if there are any new opportunities to earn friend powder. Once you’ve completed the goal, make sure you go back to the goals menu and click “Complete.” The item won’t be sent to your mailbox until you do.

Now that you’ve got friend power, what do you do with it? Friend powder is used to craft a whole bunch of different items. Here’s a full list.

  • Baby bear
  • Blue bookcase
  • Cream soda
  • Cup of tea
  • Cutting board set
  • Cypress plant
  • Fan palm
  • Fruit drink
  • Grass standee
  • Green chair
  • Lantern
  • Mountain bike
  • Polka dot lamp
  • Pothos
  • Ranch chair
  • Rice balls
  • Round mini cactus
  • Sleek chair
  • Soccer ball
  • Speaker
  • Tearoom rug
  • Tin watering can
  • Weeping fig
  • Yarn basket

Some of these items are the coolest in the game (Yarn basket? Yes, please!) so you’ll want to work up your friend powder reserve as much as you can.