Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s garden update is live


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp users woke up to a surprise this morning—gardens are here.

The announced for the update was teased last week teased that it would go live in January. But gardens have come a bit early, and players will notice a new garden area attached to their campsite. To find it, just walk your character over all the way to the left side of the screen. Isabelle will be there waiting to introduce you to the garden warden, Lloid.

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After running through a quick tutorial with Lloyd, you’ll be able to begin gardening. You’ll get seeds and flower food from Lloyd, which will help get your garden growing quick. Once a flower is done growing, you’ll be able to harvest it and then trade it for items—the flower in a planter and much more—from Lloid.

Nintendo also added a new feature for taking screenshots to send to friends., though they can only be taken inside your own camper or at your campsite. Images will be shareable through Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Clothing crafting will come with a later update, the initial update said. An exact date has not been specified.