Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Fans Debate if Hopkins is a Real Animal


At first glance, the blue rabbit Hopkins from Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp seems like just another villager eager to make new friends. But fans on Reddit are being inundated with the same question across subreddits: What if Hopkins isn’t a real animal?

Curious players first began asking after the community stumbled across Hopkins’ in-game model. Generally speaking, rabbits have nothing on their head when they’re facing away from the player, as is the case with villagers like Bunnie and Chrissy.

But this isn’t the case with Hopkins. Upon turning around, Pocket Camp players noticed that Hopkins has a weird latch on the back of his head. YouTuber erraticcat pointed this out in a video,┬ácomparing Bunnie’s head to Hopkins’. It just doesn’t match up. What if Hopkins isn’t real?

What is Hopkins?

Players have since debated Hopkins’ head for days, with Redditors asking questions across both r/AnimalCrossing as well as r/ACPocketCamp, Pocket Camp’s subreddit. And in most cases, players are utterly bewildered by Hopkins.

“Hopkins has a weird button thing on the back of his head?” one poster asks. “Is Hopkins a blow up toy?!”

The public is on to you, Hopkins

One poster even thinks Hopkins is proof of a larger conspiracy across the campsite. Perhaps the villagers aren’t really animals after all. Maybe they’re just toys. If so, that means the “animals” in Animal Crossing don’t actually exist.

“Well that’s not terrifying at all,” one poster said.

The Hopkins dilemma has gotten so bad that some users have even complained on Reddit, telling players to stop freaking out over Hopkins and his weird plug. But it seems like that isn’t going to be the case anytime soon.

“Can we stop with the ‘Is Hopkins a real animal?’ posts, there’s more than 9 posts about this matter,” a Redditor wrote. For now, that probably won’t be the case.

The truth is out there.

Uncracking the Mystery

While Hopkins still remains an enigma to many players, there’s actually some clues provided by Nintendo about the villager’s weird latch. And for players claiming that he’s a toy, well, they’re not far off.

In Hopkins’ profile for Pocket Camp, the game notes that he is “always full of hot air” and that he’s “moored to the ground.” It sounds like the other animals don’t exactly trust Hopkins, either, although the in-game bio doesn’t pinpoint why beyond his personality.

“Just a heads-up: Hopkins is not to be trusted,” the profile reads. “He’s always full of hot air. If he wasn’t properly moored to the ground, I bet even a light breeze could blow him away.”

Screengrab via [u/BigAbbott](

This isn’t exactly a new question, either, and most of the Western Animal Crossing community came to a consensus on Hopkins when he first appeared in the West via Animal Crossing: New Leaf’s Welcome Amiibo update. One post from late last year on the r/AnimalCrossing subreddit shows a player wondering whether Hopkins is a blow-up doll or not.

Well, it’s safe to say that Hopkins is most likely intended to be just that: an inflatable bunny. Most players generally agree the latch on the back of his head is an air nozzle. Both Nookipedia and Animal Crossing Wiki reiterate the point, saying Hopkins appears to have a “closed air hole, implying that Hopkins may be a blow up bunny doll.”

Of course, answering that question opens up dozens more. For instance, how does Hopkins receive air? Will he die if his air nozzle is opened? And who blows air into him, anyway? How can a blow-up bunny even become sentient?

The answers are unclear, and it’s pretty troubling that the villagers don’t trust him. Maybe they’re on to something. Maybe not. But generally speaking, most fans agree that Hopkins is some kind of blow-up rabbit. Let’s just hope most villagers are accepting of his alternative lifestyle.