Nintendo tried really hard to make Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s Leaf Ticket system “fair”


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is loaded with microtransactions, but players aren’t forced to use real money to play the game.

Microransactions and Leaf Tickets are new to Pocket Camp, but Animal Crossing has always had a lot of waiting—waiting for your trees to grow fruit, waiting for new animals to come around, waiting to pay off your loans. The difference with Pocket Camp is that there are timers to show just how long you’ll have to wait, and the ability to speed up that time with Leaf Tickets.

In an interview with GamesRadar, the Pocket Camp development team, which includes Sensui Kazuyoshi, Konno Hideki, Nogami Hisashi, and Kyogoku Aya, defends the decision to include microtransaction, sayings it’s “fair” and not exploitative.

“Speaking to the point of feeling it’s fair, we created a system where, if you work hard to complete stretch goals, then you can get Leaf Tickets,” the team told GamesRadar. “You can get quite a lot of Lead Tickets from these goals. We made it so there isn’t anything you can’t complete without paying.”

There are no restrictions on how long players can play the game each day, though there is an upper limit on requests from animals, the Pocket Camp team said. Players can continue fishing or catching bugs—but that’s not how they recommend playing, as it can be “very tiring.”

“We haven’t provided gameplay that takes time or is hard work,” the team said. “We’ve done out best so the experience doesn’t change significantly based on the customer’s play time.”