Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s New Year’s event starts today


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s candy canes are out, and a New Year–themed event has just begun in Pocket Camp.

The previous winter holiday event has been replaced with a New Year’s event, which adds new decorations, new clothes, and a new Pocket Camp currency to the Nintendo mobile game. Nintendo teased the New Year’s event last week, but the official announcement came with the launch this morning.

Image via Nintendo

“A limited time New Year’s event is going on right now,” Nintendo wrote in the in-game notice. “During the event, you may get countdown charms when you complete requests for animals. Collect enough and you can craft special New Year’s–themed items.”

The New Year’s event is Japanese-themed, and includes a kadomatsu screen, fancy kadomatsu, flowery kotatsu, a zodiac dog, fancy osechi, a mochi pestle, an Isabelle kite, and a basket of tangerines, among other items. Clothing items include kimono sandals, blue haori, and a kimono.

The Pocket Camp New Year’s event ends Jan. 11.