Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp could release as early as next week


Since Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s limited access soft-launch a short time ago the rest of the world has waited patiently for its chance to join the fun—and evidence would suggest that moment isn’t far away.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is already available for download for anyone who lives in Australia right now, or anyone with an Australian App Store account. It’s yet to release for the rest of the world, but that could be changing as soon as next week. 

Nintendo previously announced there hadn’t yet been a concrete release date given just yet. Now, it looks like we might have a pretty good idea of when to expect it, if a login bonus schedule date is any indication.

The first login bonus schedule ends on Nov. 21, for example, as Nintendo Life points out. There’s also a Google Play campaign that ends on Nov. 20. Additionally, it appears that the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Friend Finder game that allows a certain amount of time to unlock all wallpapers ends on Nov. 21 as well. 

These dates could all revolve around the fact that the game is coming to everyone around the world, with campaigns and bonuses ending to start a new phase for the game, “resetting” things to get ready for more players. You could be hopping on Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp without having to create an Australian App Store account next week, which could make for some very interesting holidays if you’re in the United States.