Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp: What are calling cards and request cards?


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is all about making friends by doing stuff for them. But because this is a mobile game built around a microtransaction system, the whole process can take a lot of time.

Animals rotate every few hours or so, and players can only fulfill their requests three times per hour—unless you have a request ticket or a calling card.

Request tickets

Once you’ve finished three requests for an animal, you can’t do more requests for them until a refresh. But if you have a request ticket, you’re able to do three more requests, which are the fastest way to build up friendships in Pocket Camp.

Request tickets are not as common as, say, bells, but you can earn them easily. One way is to log-in everyday. Nintendo is offering a log-in bonus that offers four request cards for logging in for 10 days consecutively.

Stretch goals are another way to earn request tickets, as are just buying them with real money.

You’ll be prompted to use a request ticket once you’ve completed three requests for an animal. Clicking again to ask what they need after those initial three will bring up the menu. If you have a request ticket, that’s the time to use it.

Calling cards

A calling card is how you get an animal to visit you if they’re not on the map. Using the calling card will bring the respective animal to your location for three hours. These are especially good if you want to level up your friendship with a specific animal, or want to complete more requests to reach a new level and don’t have any request tickets.

Calling cards, like request tickets, are offered as a log-in bonus. Likewise, you can also earn them by doing stretch goals or simply just buying them with real money as part of one of the launch celebration packs.

Pocket Camp is a grind to the top, but request tickets and calling cards speed up the process.