Another Resolution-Gate Scandal, “Thief Does Not Run At 1080p on Xbox One” Claims Insiders

Resolution-Gate scandal arrives, and once again Xbox One is at the receiving end and the game is Edios Montreal’s Thief. According to well known industry insider, Thuway, Xbox One version of Thief runs below 1080p.

ThiefThuway tweeted: “And for those who keep asking me, the Xbox One version of Theif is not 1080p, but you already knew that.”

Thuway received support on this from another Industry insider “Pete Dodd aka FamousMortimer” who said: “I think the news story here should be that some people evidently thought Thief would be at 1080p on the xbox one.”

This resolution-gate seems to have become a day-to-day story, almost all multiplatform games runs at lower resolution on Xbox One than Playstation 4.

Albert Penello was recently asked to comment on this controversial topic, to which he replied that 720 vs 1080p things are overblown against quality and overall gameplay experience. He also added that Ryse: Son of Rome is still a best looking game on any platform today.