Another Watch Dogs goof-up, new footage showing Tesselation and other effects are from PS4 Dev Kit and not from PC

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Another major goof-up from Ubisoft related to Watch Dogs. Today, a brand new trailer for Watch Dogs was released showcasing some of the latest graphics/visuals features such Tesselation Effects, Wind, Water, Light Effects and more. Ubisoft stated that the footage was from Watch Dogs PC version.

Watch DogsNeoGaf user “QtaQ” (attended the recent preview and video Q&A talk with Ubisoft event) has claimed that the recent Watch Dogs trailer was from the PS4 port and not from PC.

“First of all, the gameplay IS NOT PC, it is PS4. This is no rumor or my opinion, I absolutely know it for sure”

“You can absolutely trust me about it. Since I’m the game journalist they talk about in WatchDogs Q&A” said QtaQ.

The footage was released by our friend at PCGamesHardware, and they also have confirmed that everything that was showcased in new Watch Dogs footage was from PS4 Dev Kit. Here is what PCGamesHardware told our friend at DSOGaming:

“This video doesn’t make us happy. We all know that it crucial to know where the footage originates from. So we check with Ubisoft and got the info that this PC footage. But it isn’t.”

Well things are not looking good for Ubisoft, they are making some massive blunders with Watch Dogs marketing. Still few months time is left for the official launch of Watch Dogs, so we expect Ubisoft to get their house in order because Watch Dogs is one of the most awaited and highly anticipated title of 2014.

If you missed about new Watch Dogs footage, take a look at it below: