“Anybody With A Calculator Can Figure Out” PS4 Has Beaten Xbox One: Phil Spencer

PS4 Demo Unit At Game

Xbox One isn’t selling as good as PlayStation 4, and this is a given. Now we even have Phil Spencer somehow admitting this is happening and that Microsoft is not dodging this matter by not providing us with exact Xbox One sales. At least, this is his opinion.

Xbox One vs PS4

“When we talk about the health of the Xbox business right now, we talk about this thing called monthly average users. And I know there’s a lot of snark about that, that I’m just trying to dodge the install base number versus the install base for the PlayStation 4. But you know, I think anybody with a calculator can figure out they’ve sold more consoles than we have,” he said in an interview with Giant Bomb.

“But when I think about the health of our business, it’s how many people are playing games, connecting, buying games obviously, from a business standpoint. And I’ll get the Twitter comments, ‘thanks for putting all your games on PC, now I don’t have to buy Xbox One,’ and I’m more of the sentiment, ‘thanks for playing our games.'”

Good to hear that, but we’re still wondering why Microsoft is so reticent when it comes to sales data. They could just say those numbers and focus on monthly average users as they do now, or whatever. It’d be just correct they’d let us know precisely how good or bad Xbox One is performing, and more importantly we don’t really believe this could have some sort of impact on current gen console war.

Your opinion on this?