Ark: Survival Evolved Developer Praises Nintendo Switch


Studio Wildcard’s Ark: Survival Evolved has grown in popularity over the years, as the action survival hit has gone from a Steam Early Access staple to a multiplatform release. And Ark’s developer may be interested in the Nintendo Switch, too. In an interview with, Studio Wildcard praised the Switch and admitted the crew was experimenting with the console.

Studio Wildcard’s co-founder and co-creative director Jesse Rapczak spoke highly of Nintendo’s latest platform, explaining that Studio Wildcard is “throwing some ideas around” to figure out if developing for the Switch “makes sense right now.” That said, he also mentioned that developing for the Switch is “challenging” because it’s such a different experience compared to other consoles. But the team certainly enjoys the console.

“We don’t have any concrete plans yet, but we’re very close to Nintendo up here in Seattle and we all love the Switch for portability gaming and stuff like that,” Rapczak told “Ark is one of those games where if you want to do everything you can in the game, it’s hard to pull away from it to go do real life. So I think Switch is a great platform for a game like Ark, because if the game is designed right, you can kind of pull out and do some stuff.”

In particular, Rapczak praised the Switch’s on-the-go gaming abilities, pointing out that its flexible setup appeals to Ark players that like to jump in-game for a few minutes to tend to their worlds and then hop back out. But as for developing Ark for the Switch? That’s another question altogether.

“So we do have a lot of hurdles there, especially with memory,” Rapczak said. “But I will say, for sure, we’re not ignoring the Switch… I think it’s just something that now is on our radar [so] let’s take a look at it and let’s see what we can do there.”

Either way, it sounds like Studio Wildcard is confident in the Nintendo Switch’s capabilities. It may take some time for Ark to reach the console, but Studio Wildcard’s positive feelings towards the device are promising.

In the meantime, Ark: Survival Evolved is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One after two years in early access.

H/T My Nintendo News