Assassin’s Creed Origins Unannounced DLC Achievements Leaked

We haven’t heard anything about the first DLC content for Assassin’s Creed Origins but that doesn’t mean nothing is happening behind the closed doors at Ubisoft. Today, a total of 8 New Achievements related to Assassin’s Creed Origins appeared on Steam and people have started to speculate that these Achievements are part of one of the upcoming DLC content of the game. The listing of the achievements is no longer available on Steam, but a user on Reddit managed to take the screenshot of it before it was taken down. You guys can check out the full list below.

Assassin's Creed Origins DLC Achievements Leaked

As soon as the new Achievements list went viral, Assassin’s Creed community started discussing two specific new achievements – Team Play and New Recruits. These two names caught the attention of AC Community and they started to speculate that the upcoming DLC in the game is going to add some sort of Brotherhood system. Sadly, this is not going to be the case if details from Steam User R4MBO is anything to go by.

R4MBO posted some additional new details about these new achievements – DESCRIPTION, and as per the information shared by him – The Team Play achievement will unlock if a player “Kill an enemy with a headshot while they are harassed by Senu”. Secondly, New Recruits will unlock if you complete 2 DLC Side Quests: Rise of Shaquilat and Shadows of the Scarab.

You guys can check out the full list of new Achievements below. We can’t confirm or deny whether this list is legit. It would be better if you guys take it as a rumor.

  • What Time is It? – Perform a leap of faith from Arsinoe’s sundial obelisk between 10 am and noon.
  • Zip it Off – Perform 3 Assassinations from a zipline.
  • Prison Break – Free 20 Rebels
  • Walls of the Ruler – Complete the Walls-of-the-Ruler citadel
  • Surgical Strikes – Assassinate Tacito, Ptahmose, and Ampelius
  • The Greater Good – Complete Main DLC Quest “The Greater Good”

Assassin's Creed Origins DLC Achievements Leaked