Assassin’s Creed Origins gets a bloody new launch trailer


Assassin’s Creed Origins is launching this Friday, and there’s a dazzling new trailer to celebrate its debut. 

If you’re into scaling pyramids and sliding down them, watching assassin Bayek expertly take out his foes, and lots of awesome-looking Egyptian decor, you’ll love this trailer, as it shows off what may be the best-looking Assassin’s Creed game yet. 

Set in the Ptolemaic period in Ancient Egypt, the 10th major Assassin’s Creed game follows a Medjay named Bayek who’s charged with protecting the Ptolemaic Kingdom’s people. It’s a time of major upset that will find Bayek becoming the first Assassin in the long line of characters introduced over the last few games. 

There are several new components to Assassin’s Creed Origins, mainly the fact that it will feature horseback and camelback riding, an eagle companion named Senu that takes the place of the franchise’s “eagle vision,” and additional action and role-playing elements. You’ll be able to take control of Senu to look for items and survey areas of interest. Further, naval combat adds to the amount of unique things to do this time around. 

An overhauled combat system should improve upon the familiar “stand in a circle and counter until the battle’s over” shortcomings the previous titles sometimes featured. This time around, the new “hit-box” system coupled with various weapons and a new categorization system for arms should make for some interesting new scuffles. 

Assassin’s Creed Origins is out on Oct. 27 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.