Atari Releases First Image Of AtariBox Joystick [Controller]


We all know that Atari is currently working on a new home video game console that will release in Q2 2018. The console was first revealed in June 2017 and the best part of the announcement was that we got a screenshot of the console, currently called as AtariBox. If you missed out on the image of the AtariBox, don’t worry we have got you covered – check out the screenshot below.

Ataribox Controller

Fast forward to today, Atari wanted to end 2017 on a big note and have made plans for it well in advance, but guess what failed to live up to their own schedule due to the excitement. Via Facebook, Atari released the very first image of the AtariBox Controller with a message:

“We were going to wait for launch to show you the AtariBox Joystick, but we like it way too much to wait. What do you think?”

ataribox-controller-image-1 ataribox-controller-image-2 ataribox-controller-image-3

Atari posted the image on Facebook on November 21 and it has received an amazing response from fans, the design is one factor that has got the most of the appreciation – “Looks amazing. Clean cut, polished design, Wow looks great.”

As you can see in the image below – the controller has just ONE STICK and ONE BUTTON. This raised doubt in the minds of many fans. One user questioned Atari: One stick and one button, Are you selling us a modern machine or another flashback console Atari?

Then another user commented: “Perfect for the classic atari games.. Show us the other controller for the new modern. Games… I guess that’s going to be the big surprise nice work”

What you guys have to say about this new Controller for the upcoming Atari home video game console? Share your opinion with us in the comment section below.

According to the details available on the internet, AtariBox will come with a custom AMD CPU paired with a Radeon GPU.