AVerMedia Jumps Into Home Audio with SonicBlast


AVerMedia has been around the gaming hardware space for many years now, most notably specializing in recording hardware, such as capture cards and devices, that are a favorite among YouTubers and Twitch streamers alike. Now AVerMedia is branching out into the home audio market by introducing a new line of gaming audio solutions called SonicBlast. The initial offering includes two soundbars and an optional subwoofer, all of which are entirely wireless. That alone should entice anyone with as much contempt for cables as me.

AVerMedia is clearly looking to make an impact on gamers with these devices. Ever since the advent of high quality gaming headphones, speakers have kind of fallen by the wayside, and it’s encouraging to see new devices enter the market. According to Betina Huang, Marketing Assistant Manager, AVerMedia has done their homework as well.

“Gamers have very specific needs when it comes to sound. We’ve studied user feedback in terms of their preferences for gaming audio and have finally delivered products that crack the code with the SonicBlast soundbars and subwoofer.”

SonicBlast GS331

AVerMedia Jumps Into Home Audio with SonicBlast
SonicBlast GS331AVerMedia • Licensed by Owner

The GS331 is the smaller version of the two soundbars, offering up a solid 40W of rich sound via its 2.0 channels. Both soundbars include three EQ preset modes for music, movies, and of course gaming. The beauty of its wireless connectivity is that you can easily connect any Bluetooth enabled device to it.

SonicBlast GS333

AVerMedia Jumps Into Home Audio with SonicBlast
SonicBlast GS333AVerMedia • Licensed by Owner

The SonicBlast GS333 is the bigger brother to the GS331, bumping up the output to a whopping 60W of sound. It maintains its wireless Bluetooth capabilities and three EQ presets, and also adds a built-in subwoofer for some extra oomph in its audio.

SonicBlast GS335

AVerMedia Jumps Into Home Audio with SonicBlast
SonicBlast GS335AVerMedia • Licensed by Owner

The final offering in AVerMedia’s new SonicBlast lineup is the GS335 Subwoofer. For those gamers that want to experience the extra richness and depth of audio that only a dedicated subwoofer can provide, the GS335 should hit the mark. If you’re attracted to the clean and minimal look that the wireless soundbars provide, you’ll love the fact that the subwoofer is also wireless and can connect to either the GS331 or GS333 with minimal setup hassle.

All three devices are now available on Amazon via the links included above, and you can find more information, including detailed technical specs, on AVerMedia’s Gaming Products page.