Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 Patch 1.05 Leaks Crime Fighter DLC, Full Changelog and New Features Detailed

Batman: Arkham Knight

Warner Bros has just released Batman: Arkham Knight Patch 1.05 on PlayStation 4. The update weighs 1.6 GB in size (provided that you have downloaded all the previous patch for the game), and adds Photo mode, force original voice cast option for non-english territories and many other thing.

Batman: Arkham Knight

You can check out the full changelog below.

  • Stability Fixes.
  • New Feature: Photo Mode.
  • New Feature: Force original voice-cast option for non-English territories.
  • Support for August additional content.
  • Updates for WB Play and Downloadable Content.
  • General gameplay, graphics, audio, UI and localization fixes.

Batman: Arkham Knight Patch 1.05 Changelog

This is not all, Patch 1.05 also revealed new DLC for Batman: Arkham Knight which will launch in September 2015. “Crime Hunter Challenge Pack #1” will launch in Sep for Batman: Arkham Knight. The following screenshot was shared by Reddit user “Scartanion” with a text message:

“Patch 1.05 for ps4 just installed. In the dlc section of the game you can now see the September dlc. Hope these are challenge maps”

Batman: Arkham Knight September DLC

It seems like Crime Hunter Challenge Pack #1 will pair Batman with Catwoman, Robin and Nightwing.

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