Batman: Arkham Knight PS4/Xbox One Glitch Lets You Free Roam With Every Game Character

Batman: Arkham Knight is a beautiful game, no matter which is the version you bought, but as many other open world titles it suffers from having a lot of glitches, the PC release was even removed from Steam for a while before being available for everyone to buy it again once (still partially) fixed by the developer.

Batman: Arkham Knight Characters Roam Glitch

One of those glitches has arrived on the console versions as well, which have been so far pretty free of them, and we’re now here to detail you how it works and what actually it is. It’s been already dubbed the Corner Cover Zipping glitch.

Thanks to this glitch, you can play Batman: Arkham Knight free roaming with all the playable characters on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, just like you can do on PC by accessing the game’s files. You can see all the details about it in the video below.

Batman: Arkham Knight has recently received the last downloadable content covered by the healthy Season Pass, including villains such as Mad Hatter, Killer Croc, Ra’s Al Ghul and Mr. Freeze for you to challenge and beat with the Batman himself. Did you get back to the game because of this new DLC? Let us know in the comments below.