Batman: Arkham Remastered Collection Still In Development, Coming In Summer 2016: Insider


The rumored Batman Arkham Remastered for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is still in development, according to the details received by Liam Robertson (of Unseen64) via an anonymous source close to the development team of Batman Arkham games. This special collection of Batman Arkham games is still scheduled to launch in Summer 2016.

Batman: Arkham Remastered Collection

This time, around Liam Robertson (of Unseen64), has put up a video footage detailing that the project may still be kicking after talking to some folk who “deals directly with the publisher of the Batman Arkham games”.

Batman: Arkham City and Batman Arkham Asylum is the only two games rumored to be included in the collection. This is not much of a big news but still a great update for folks who were wondering whether or not this collection is still happening or publisher of the Batman Arkham games gave up on the idea. You can watch the footage from Liam Robertson below.