Batman: The Enemy Within’s third chapter lands later this month


Batman: The Enemy Within continues to march on toward completion, as Telltale Games revealed that the third episode will premiere on Nov. 21. 

The Batman adventure series has successfully completed its first season, with Batman: The Enemy Within continuing the story with an entirely new chapter. The Fractured Mask should keep things going after Bruce and John Doe team up with a new character that was previously added to the fold: Harley Quinn. 

Quinn’s role in the new Telltale vision of Batman is a much different one than fans may previously have been aware of, making for an exciting continuation of the saga. This episode should keep things moving along at a brisk clip, not to spoil too much for those who haven’t been playing along, after all.

Telltale Games recently underwent staffing changes that resulted in the layoffs of 25 percent of its workforce, equating to about 90 employees. The company has since stated that work on the Batman, The Walking Dead, and The Wolf Among Us projects will still continue, despite the restructuring. 

Today, Batman – The Telltale Series debuted both digitally and physically on the Nintendo Switch, with all five episodes of the first season available for purchase or download at once, so you can get caught up in a flash with where you need to be to enjoy the second season. If you’re a fan of the caped crusader, you’ll find plenty to enjoy in both of them.