Batman’s Son To Be Protagonist Of New Batman Game, Suicide Squad Game To Be Arkham Origins’ Sequel


It looks like DC and Warner Bros. are using their creativity for what’s next in their video game spin-offs. There will surely be more Batman over the next few years, but something different from what we’ve seen and played so far is coming our way. And that stuff seems to be pretty hot.

Batman and Suicide Squad

According to a report from Addicted to Series, two new games set in that universe are in the works. The first involves Batman all over again, but this time around there would be a new protagonist: his son Damian Wayne. Based on this report, the game from Rocksteady wouldn’t take place in a single night but feature a night and day cycle.

Moreover, it looks like the Batmobile is being cut in favor of the Batcycle, although the cut is not certain yet. Finally there would be a Batcave, which players would be able to upgrade and customise during the adventure, and Gotham City would be bigger and more populated in comparison with Arkham Knight.

A second game in development would come from Warner Bros. Montreal and would be a sequel to Batman: Arkham Origins based on Suicide Squad. It is rumored to be a third person shooter.

We’ll hopefully get more about these rumors at E3 2016 in about ten days.