Battlefield 1: DICE Said To Be Excluding Female Characters Because “The Core Audience” Is Boys

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Former DICE coder Amanda Coget has revealed a few interesting details about Battlefield 1 ‘casting’, which originally had developers working on a female protagonist in order to be the most comprehensive gaming experience possible. That decision was completely ignored in the final stages of the development process, it seems, because male players apparently wouldn’t like it.

Battlefield 1: Female Character Controversy

“The original BF1 pitch given onstage was WW1, with one caveat: ‘screw realism, we’re adding female soldiers, because we’re way overdue'”, Coget said in a first tweet.

Then she added: “turns out BF1 was going for realism after all! Female chars matter but ‘it’s just not the game we’re making'”.

“I did eventually get them to spit out the real reasons. All this is believable but female soldiers are not, to the core audience of boys”.

If confirmed, such information would be pretty weird at the very least. Electronic Arts has a track record in dealing with female protagonists, such as Mirror’s Edge’s Faith, so it would be really strange to hear some of its studios aren’t working the very same way. Especially when Mirror’s Edge comes from the same studio, DICE!

We’d like to hear a statement from them, to at least understand the reasons why we’re not seeing female characters in Battlefield 1, said that this isn’t the most important thing in gaming in our opinion.

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