Battlefield 1 Environmental Destruction First Details Confirmed By DICE

 Battlefield 1 Environmental Destruction First Details Confirmed By DICE

Design director Lars Gustavsson has provided a few details about Battlefield 1 in a recent interview released to Gamespot, where he particularly talked about the environmental destruction, something that has made the Battlefield franchise so popular but was kind of abandoned in the last two games in the series.

Battlefield 1

Luckily enough, Battlefield 1 is apparently bringing that destruction component back to the franchise, and should be somewhere around the Bad Company 1 & 2 highs.

“We’re still holding back some elements of what we’re doing, but as a whole, we have tried really hard to ensure that this is a really destructive environment. But as you heard during our presentation, one player controlled the dreadnought [Royal Navy battleship] and was levelling entire levels. A battleship can demolish entire shorelines. I really hope players will appreciate it.”

Interestingly, Gustavsson also detailed the World War I setting, saying that DICE is trying and being true to it but also building something fun for long time series fans and newcomers.

“We’re trying so hard to treat it respectfully. We want to depict the era, but with the purpose of building fun gameplay with variation. In the end, it’s entertainment, we’re not trying to make a statement.

We do want to surface the fact that there is more to the war than trenches. It’s something that dawned on us, and I think it’s going to be interesting for players as well as they get to play it. Trench Warfare was just a small part of it. The fights in the deserts, the fights up in the mountains of Italy–there were so many things that I, at least, hadn’t heard about.”