Battlefield 1 players get free Battlepacks, double XP and more this December


Battlefield 1 players have a lot to look forward to this December, as developer DICE is sending out plenty of free items and goodies for players throughout the entire month. 

Every Monday and Thursday, beginning today and ending Dec. 31, you’ll get a special bonus of 250 scrap for logging into the game. You’ll also be able to snag special Holiday Battlepack Revisions as well as new gear to grab from the Scrap Store. 

Each Tuesday will introduce a new Holiday Battlepack Mission, which can be completed to earn a Superior Battlepack. If you log in on Wednesdays, you’ll get a regular Battlepack just for checking out the game. Easy enough. 

Fridays are a special day that will bring unique rewards, but EA hasn’t announced what kind of goodies you’ll be able to get just yet. On Saturdays, you can hop online and boost your level with double XP for Events. Sunday nets you double XP Squad Boosts. You get rewards all week, it looks like. 

On Dec. 25, players can celebrate Christmas if they choose to with an extra, free Superior Battlepack. It’s all in anticipation of the upcoming Battlefield 1 Turning Tides expansion, currently slated for release on Dec. 11. Between holiday parties, gift wrapping, and hanging out with family, it’s going to be a pretty busy December for Battlefield 1 fans.