Battlefield 1 Grenades Spam Reduced In New CTE Patch

Battlefield 1 keeps changing and improving even after the recent Winter Update, that was recently released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One re-introducing ribbons and making some tweaks to the gameplay overall. Among the issues that have not been solved in this update, though, we can find grenades spawn too much all over the maps.

Battlefield 1 Grenade Spam

According to users, it gets hard to shoot people as a result of the constant screen shake and explosions filling the screen due to people constantly exploding grenades. This is why DICE has just released a new patch on CTE servers, that are basically involving solutions to reduce a number of grenades fired by evidently not so skilled players.

Differently from gas grenades, that were recently reduced in power, the focus this time is on resupply times from ammo pouches and crates. You’ll still supply faster when near ammo crates, but the biggest change is that ammo pouches no longer supply grenades.

Watch the video below for all the details.