Battlefield 1: Maps Leaked With Names, Argonne Forest Map Will Blow Your Mind


Battlefield 1 is currently in beta testing phase on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The taster is scheduled to end on September 8, 2016, and the full game is scheduled to launch worldwide on October 21. A user on Reddit seems to have Data Mined Battlefield 1 beta files to discover names and images of maps.

Battlefield 1

The maps leaked so far are St. Quentin Scar, Amiens, Empire’s Edge, Monte Grappa, Argonne Forest, Chateau (leaked name), Sinai Desert, Suez (leaked name). Check out the images below.

Battlefield 1 is set in the period of World War 1 and is inspired by historical events. Players can make use of World War I weapons, including bolt-action rifles, automatic and semi-automatic rifles, artillery, flamethrowers, and mustard gas to combat opponents. Melee weapons that players can use include sabers, trench clubs, and shovels.

According to the game’s designer, Daniel Berlin, the Battlefield 1 campaign mode has larger and more open environments than those in previous Battlefield games in the franchise, with more options and choices in terms of paths to completing levels and how to approach combat. Players can control several characters in the campaign.