Battlefield 1 To Feature France-based DLC, Mind Blowing Multiplayer Details Reveaed


Based on a recent feature article, released right after EA Play’s tests ended yesterday, French newspaper Le Monde revealed that Battlefield 1 is going to have a French-based additional content. We don’t know much more, but it looks like we’re talking about multiplayer maps, vehicles, weapons and skins.

Battlefield 1

Interestingly, a lot of multiplayer details were provided right after the EA Play pre-E3 2016 event. Dynamic weather, parachuting, airships, live map for respawn and more are featured.

  • The new spawn system. The map is not just 2D anymore, you see the whole live map.
  • Bayonet sprinting charge with screaming. It had a timer so players will run out of stamina.
  • Animation for pulling yourself up to higher places.
  • The buildings are furnitured.
  • The entering vehicle animations. Exiting seems to be instant.
  • When the airship is blowing up the system no longer insta-kills the players present. On the livestream a player was visible running on top of the airship while it was burning and falling.
  • Lots of LMGs automatic and semi-automatic weapons :(((
  • Revive is a needle animation 😀
  • The HUD is very similar to previous games, and there will be costum emblems.
  • The explosions shape the ground. Although it was a feautre in BF 4 the stream pointed it out so…
  • I love all the small details, just looking around the nature and detail of your surroundings is very detailed.
  • Also weather have effect on weapons the water droplets are resting on weapons etc. even if you are indoors :DDD (prob. will be changed)
  • Planes are a big mess tho. They at the moment bounce around from trees and ground it will probably be changed but most of those maneuvers were really not possible back then.
  • Spotting an enemy will show their class over their heads which can give some advantage.
  • To be honest the game feels really fast with everyone running around consantly like in BF4 not really feels like a world war 1 but i didn’t expect much from multiplayer.
  • Parachuting
  • Anti-tank grenades are very powerful.
  • Before killing the enemy it already gives like +20 points for ‘HITTING’ the enemy.
  • Hope the announcer voice will be changed in the stream it’s a very generic woman voice.
  • Getting squad orders now get a timer like. ATTACK WINDMILL 0:59 shown on the side of the screen.
  • I like how the airship touches down wherever it was when it got destroyed. Probably a few years ago they would have had a pre-set place where it always would have fallen.
  • Dynamic weather was sunny, rainy and foggy in stream. Map can start in any state of the weather unlike in BF4 paracel storm where the weather was scripted.

Battlefield 1 is releasing on October 21 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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