Battlefield 1 To Support DirectX12, First Squad Selection Menu Screen Revealed


Battlefield 1 is likely supporting DirectX 12. That’s according to Digital Foundry’s John Linneman, who is reporting his first impressions from early Battlefield 1 footage, which is basically been based upon multiplayer tests provided to lucky players or participants at the reveal party at EA Play a few weeks ago (the one where Snoop Dogg smoke weed, yes).

Battlefield 1

“It appears to support DX12!”, Linneman said on Twitter to one of his followers asking about this topic, since Star Wars Battlefront was limited to the DX11 API at the time of release (last year).

Moreover, from closed-alpha current tests someone leaked the select squad screen, where you basically choose where to stay and who to play with. Respecting Battlefield’s tradition, teams are always called Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta, so you’ll definitely feel home when you get into the game.


Battlefield 1 is releasing on October 21 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Additional content plans have already been partially discussed, and it will also feature the French Army. When this DLC releases, it will be available first on Xbox One.