Battlefield 1: Turning Tides expansion dated for December


Battlefield 1 will be seeing a ton of new content in the next few months, with Battlefield 1: Turning Tides releasing this December.

The first batch of new DLC is just three weeks away, with players duking it out on Cape Helles in the Turning Tides expansion. You’ll take on the mantle of the 1915 British army as they fight across the Gallipoli peninsula during their amphibious assault of the area. In addition, you’ll get the L-Class Destroyer, a set of six new guns, two melee weapons, and a swath of other goodies. 

The Turning Tides DLC expansion is launching for Premium Pass owners on Dec. 11, and everyone else can get their hands on it closer to Christmas. That’s not all Battlefield 1 owners get to look forward to, however. In January, another wave of content is coming, with the Heligoland Blight and Zeebruggie maps debuting around that time. Players can try out the C-Class airship as part of the Royal Marines. As usual, Premium Pass owners will get to try out this expansion pack ahead of time. 

If you’re still thinking about buying the expansion pass but haven’t quite pulled the trigger, you can try out the Fall of Empires Operation Campaign starting Wednesday, Nov. 22 all the way through Wednesday, Dec. 6. EA is making sure Battlefield 1 fans are well-fed, as it were, on a steady diet of new content as the next few months wear on. If Star Wars Battlefront II has left you cold, you might decide to check out more Battlefield 1 as we begin the new year.